Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at St Bede’s is designed to allow students from 3-18 to grow in self-confidence and self- worth as happy, healthy and fulfilled young people.

We acknowledge the shared role that teachers and parents or carers play in this vital task. Across the age range, form tutors know their tutees and the challenges they face and are always happy to support when personal circumstances encroach on school life.

In the Senior part of the College a dedicated team of Heads of Year manage a team of tutors, while in the Sixth Form a Head of Sixth Form and a Deputy Head do the same. They encourage pupils to be polite, to show honesty and initiative and to be the best people they can be. Rewards and sanctions give structure and help us to create an atmosphere of respect but also of ambition.

From the earliest years of the Prep to the Sixth Form leavers at eighteen we never forget the faith that has been shown in us as teachers by the families who entrust their children to our care. We constantly strive to instil the values in our young people, that have underpinned the College for well over a century.

The excellent outcomes in pupils’ personal development are due to the strong commitment of senior leaders, governors and staff to providing high levels of pastoral support.

Independent schools Inspectorate report, 2019