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The Alumni and Development Office exists for the purpose of connecting Bedians with the College and with each other. The Bedian Alumni Register now numbers well over a thousand, with old friendships having been restored and career connections made.

The Bedian family has never felt stronger, but we are keen to forge links with every Bedian we possibly can. The Development Office has transformed our communication with former students and we would be delighted to hear from each and every one of you.

Our programme of Alumni speakers giving talks to the Upper Fifth and Sixth Form has been hugely successful, with a fascinating range of careers being covered, while our twice yearly informal drinks around Manchester are now firmly established. After two successful years at the Barbican, our London Drinks Event for 2019 will be at a Royal Navy shore establishment on the banks of the Thames. The 140th Anniversary Ball in October of 2017 paved the way both for Black tie events and more relaxed gatherings at the College.

The College is immensely grateful to those Bedians and friends who have committed to the Bursary Fund since 2017 and their contributions are helping to ensure that St Bede’s will remain a socially diverse environment, contributing significantly to upward social mobility.

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